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Scalzi on TV & in Print

Science-fiction author John Scalzi is having a big year. Just a few weeks ago he inked a multi-book multi-million dollar publishing deal. And his new book The End of All Things will be out August 11.

You can read excerpts from the first four chapters (Chapter 01, Chapter 02, Chapter 03, Chapter 04) of The End of All Things, which is the second book of the Human Division, set in the Old Man’s War universe.


The whole Old Man’s War universe/storyline  revolves around John Perry, a 70+ man who who enlists in the army and transfers his consciousness into a younger, more battle-ready body.  So the wars rage on among the stars with troops in enhanced bodies while having the wisdom and humor of “old men”. Parts of it borderline on cute. But the books are fast paced and just plain fun to read.

Which is why I think it’ll make a great TV show on SyFy. At the end of last year, it was announced that the Ghost Brigades TV show was in development. It gets its title from the 2006 book by Scalzi.

So a new book, a new contract, and a new TV series. No doubt John Scalzi is staying super busy this year.

Have you read any of John Scalzi’s books?

Go Set a Watchman Releases in 4 Weeks

Ok, folks – Harper Lee’s new book hits book store shelves in less than a month, on July 14th. You can pre-order all of the internet or your local bookstore. It’s been fun seeing how awareness of the book has developed. And it all started with the origin of the manuscript and all the questions surrounding that.

Now the covers are out. As with just about any book published today, it’s fun to compare the U.S. cover with the British cover. First, we have the U.S. cover, which seems to be purposefully designed to match the vintage To Kill a Mockingbird cover.

Go Set a Watchman is set 20 years after the end of TKAM, but the cover certainly lets you know you’re in the same place. Here’s the original 1st edition cover:


While over across the pond they seem to have gone a little more modern noir feel I think, but the type is period.

Most of the time I usually prefer the U.K. counterparts to U.S. covers, but this time I’m non-plussed. The fact that the author’s name is set the same as the title feels weird. It’s as if the marketing and design teams could not come to an agreement so they just threw their hands up and said “Make it all the same size” or something.

Though I do like the way they shadowed in the words To Kill a Mockingbird. It’s a bit literal for me, but it’s ok.

Both covers have an October harvest vibe as well. Maybe that figures in heavily to the story? We’ll have to wait and find out! It will be interesting to keep up with the reviews once they start rolling out when the book is released on July 14th. And to watch sales numbers. I know some folks took a step back when Harper Lee’s letters didn’t fetch a reserve price at a recent auction, but the crowd that buys million dollar scribbles is a totally different crowd than those waiting to see what Harper Lee has to say about Scout and Atticus.

What do you think of the covers? Have you pre-ordered the book or are you tired of the hype?

Buzz Book 2015

The folks over at Publisher’s Lunch have released this year’s Buzz Books. These annual FREE ebooks offer excerpts and background information for a few dozen not-yet-released books.

This year there is the Buzz Book 2015 and the Buzz Book 2015 – Young Adult (YA) edition.

The Buzz Book 2015 features 35 books covering both fiction and non-fiction books. What’s neat about this year is that there are some lesser-known authors in there as well as some names you’ll probably recognize.

While the YA edition features 20 books.


Both editions are available through kindle, nook, Google Play, iBooks, and Kobo. Sorry no PDF version this year.

And a hat tip to BookChase for posting about this a couple of weeks ago. Leave a comment if you grab a copy of the free ebook and stumble across a new read that you want to check out. Lot’s of good books slated for the Fall it seems. Just what my TBR pile needs. . .

New Book Continues Stieg Larsson’s Series

The Girl in the Spider’s Web hits U.S. bookstore shelves on September 1, 2015 and the U.K. a few days earlier on August 27, 2015. This book is the fourth book in the late Stieg Larsson’s “Millennium Trilogy“.

The U.S. publisher Knopf released the two covers yesterday. One for the U.S. edition and the other for the U.K. edition.

U.K. edition cover of "the Girl in the Spider's Web"
U.K. edition cover of “the Girl in the Spider’s Web”
U.S. edition cover of "the Girl in the Spider's Web"
U.S. edition cover of “the Girl in the Spider’s Web”

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” series was a global publishing phenomenon by all accounts. Not quite Harry Potter, but oh so close. The books raced up the charts in every country they were published in.

Since Larsson died in 2005, this book has been written, in secret, by a Swedish crime-news reporter. Hopefully it will live up to what Larsson had started. Some say Larsson had planned on the series to run a full seven books.

The NPR Blog has a few more details on the new books and series.