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Penguin’s Pet Project

They seem to be going after the “Pimp Your Ride” crowd.

Basically Penguin will start selling (end of November) real books by real authors… but with no covers. Apparently they hope people will buy the blanks and design their own covers and share with the world.

You can keep up with this project and gallery of uploaded user’s pics on Penguin’s site.

I’m not sure this gimmick will catch on. Just seems kinda hokey. Should be fun to watch though. I wonder if there will be a price difference in a book with a cover and without a cover?

Organized chaos

It’s no secret that we are big fans of LibraryThing here at {head}:sub/head. They consistently do good work and offer up cool add-ons like widgets (see sidebar) and search functions.

But the smart folks over at the Fine Books & Collecting blog have a neat article about other options. Some I’ve heard of, others just sound like they’d be fun to try.

I just don’t know if we’d ever have more fun than we do over at LT though…