Birmingham-Area Bookstores

About 3 years ago, I started posting photo-tours of local independent bookstores. I keep the rundown on a Bookstores page here. Sadly, many stores have come and gone. But new ones keep getting added. We have a great indie bookstore scene. A few of the posts could probably use some sprucing, new photos, etc. but the information is accurate.

Today, I started adding photo tours of some of the used-bookstores in the Birmingham-area. We have some really great “Friends of the Library” stores where you can find some really good deals. Not everything has been culled from the library stacks either. Many have been donated. So you stand a good chance of finding a $2 hardback, in great condition, without stamps, card envelopes, etc.

I just added my recent BPL Used-Bookstore tour to the lineup, so you can check it out. And do sign-up for their emails. As promised they have come regularly with information about what’s new and even early-notice on special pricing deals. Plus, whatever you buy at these stores usually goes back into supporting your local library.

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