Books-A-Million Buying Used Books and cd’s

EDITORIAL UPDATE: Books-A-Million has opened a used-book store called 2nd & Charles, so BAM locations are no longer buying used-books. But you can sell your stuff at 2nd & Charles.


This is the sign that greets you as soon as you enter the Books-A-Million on Highway 31 in Hoover:


Last week this location started buying used books, cd’s, dvd’s and video games. They only accept used books and such between 11a and 5p and they only pay cash.

I can’t find any information on their website about this new program (which I’m guessing is spurred by the success of their selling “used library books”). But here are the bullet points off of the flyer at the store:

  1. We pay cash for your books, printed or recorded merchandise, and computer games.
  2. We cannot make an offer until we see the merchandise.
  3. Each buy is different and will be evaluated individually.
  4. We will make you an offer based on: a) Supply and Demand b) Condition
  5. No appointment is needed – we buy daily, between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
  6. Sellers must remain in the store until merchandise evaluation is completed.
  7. Sellers under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  8. We may ask to see valid proof of purchase for the items you sell to us.
  9. State and local ordinances regarding buying and selling used merchandise must be observed.
  10. We reserve the right to decline to buy merchandise.
  11. Government-issued identification required on any merchandise sold.

I have no idea if other locations are trying this too or where else this program has been rolled out too. I wonder how many other book sellers will expand their store models in this way?  And I have no idea what the going rate for a used Harry Potter or Steven King book is these days either, but I do have a ton of cd’s I wouldn’t mind unloading, if they’ll take them. Maybe, what… ten cents a piece? Who knows.

So if you have some books or cd’s or dvd’s to sell, take them over and see what they offer. And let us know about your experience. We’d love to know if it’d be worth our while to throw some of our stuff in a grocery sack and head down 31.

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