Free eBooks and Free Coffee

Barnes & Noble is finally leveraging their greatest asset: their stores. A “boots on the ground” plan is exactly what they need to help them continue to compete with the changing landscape for publishers, booksellers and readers. That’s exactly what they currently have going by giving away free eBooks (for any device running their app) and free coffee (to get you to hang out in the store).

So if you have an iPhone, Android phone, BlackBerry, laptop (or if you want to lug in your desktop pc or Mac), iPad, Nook, etc. this post is for you.

They are three weeks into this promotion (sorry I didn’t blog about this sooner), giving away one free book per week. To get yours just stop by any store and ask for the code. They usually have them at the Customer Service Desk or the Nook kiosk they’ve all been moving up by the front door. Again, you don’t need a Nook, just any device running the free B&N eReader app. Once you have the code, you go here and get your copy. They next time you log-in to your eReader app, it will download the book.

This week they’re giving away Elizabeth Berg’s Home Safe. Next week, Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail.

Now I have not tried this myself – yet – but ComputerWorld is reporting that if you show that you have the B&N eReader app installed on any device, you score a free coffee. The idea being that you’ll sit down and peruse more books via the free wi-fi at the store. I’ll let you know if this promotion works as reported or not, as soon as I swing by a B&N and try it out.

5 thoughts on “Free eBooks and Free Coffee”

  1. Intriguing. Looking forward to trying this out on my iPad. Definitely an incentive to get me into a store that I haven't frequented in a while. Thanks for sharing! Erin

  2. Thank you for posting this. These BN eBooks have really enhanced my reading experience with my iPad with books I probably would have overlooked.
    Your link was referred by Wade Kwon. Great site, I'm glad he mentioned it.

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