Free Books – Read It Forward

I love promotional programs like the new Read It Forward here in Birmingham/Jefferson County. They seem to merge all of the fun parts of technology, connects a community and has FREE books! This year Tom Sawyer has been selected as the book for Alabama Reads and the JCLC system is stepping up to make reading and lending books fun.

All you do is go to one of the JCLC libraries for a free copy of Tom Sawyer and read it. Then go to the Read It Forward site and enter in the ID number from the book and rate the story. Then go find a park bench or bus stop or lunch room and leave the book there. Just walk away. From time to time you can then go back to the Read It Forward site to see who picked up your copy and what they thought of it and see where that book is headed next.

I already have a couple of copies of Tom Sawyer, but I may have to go get one of these so I can play too.

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