Making Changes to the Site

Exciting things are happening over at LibraryThing and they tie in locally. So I am making a few changes to help bolster their efforts and build buzz for local Birmingham bookstores. This first change, really will affects the handful of visitors that have subscribed to the {head}:sub/head Google Calendar. I have decided to stop updating that calendar.

Three years ago, when I started it Google Calendar was a great way for people to subscribe to events that I posted, but now LibraryThing has a fetaure that they call LibraryThing Local. It’s relaly cool and gets cooler every month. So instead of keeping up with author events and book signings in Google Calendar, I will be maintaing the information over on LibraryThing and displaying the RSS feed from the events, in my sidebar. So you will be able to subscribe to the Birmingham Book Events RSS feed instead.

So if you have been using the Google Calendar, thanks! It’s been fun. But not as fun as the next few months are going to be. If you know of any local book-related events in and around Birmingham, please pass it along or enter it into LibraryThing.

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