My bookshelves

Hugh, over at BookOven just posted a pic of one his (neatly lines with bookends on every shelf) bookshelves and asked folks to share their own. I’m home with our 5-month-old this morning, so was able to turn around and snap this. I don’t get to play along much! I didn’t realize how crowded my shelves were until I uploaded the pic.

Cinder blocks and 2×4’s, anyone?

my bookshelves

7 thoughts on “My bookshelves”

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  2. my bookshelves look just like that… to the average eye. but to mine, everything is alphabetized by author and in subject groups as well as categories. my “poetry section” is just like the top of your shelf – all stacked up randomly. i guess i have a method to the madness. lol

  3. I LOVE it. I’ll have to post a picture of my to-read shelf … in my kitchen, on top of my kitchen cabinets. If I weren’t so darn good at accumulating books it might start to dwindle, but I add three for every one I read.

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