Greencup Books goes Guerilla

Greencup Books Book-A-Thon PosterOne of Birmingham’s more eclectic literary spots is breaking out the guerilla tactics to help keep the doors open. Home to one of the best local collections of used books and staffed by volunteers, Greencup Books sponsors local music shows, reading and classes. Most of which bring in a few dollars in donations as best. The shop has tried to make a go at it on meager foot traffic and online sales, but they’re just not footing the bill.

So, the every energetic and creative staff have organized a Read-a-thon. They’re asking local Birmingham folks to gather up “nickle a page” sponsorships and then stop by the store and start reading 8am Friday, December 19th through 8am Monday, December 22nd.

That’s a lot of coffee to stay up reading… but I did just start Dan Simmons’ 784-page Drood…. hmmmmm.

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