What has changed?

This political season, Amazon is tracking all of the “red books” and “blue books” sold. It’s been fun watching the trends as they move through the country, but I’m having a tough time making sense of any of it. Usually, all the traditionally more liberal states are buying the “blue books, while the more traditionally conservative states are buying the “red books”. Here is a May-June snapshot that Amazon posted:


See? You get the blue states you’d expect and vice versa. Obama’s Audacity of Hope was released in mass paperback in mid-July, so you’d expect deeper blues and more of it, but here is the snapshot of the last 60 days:


What gives? Have Obama supporters quit reading? Is there a newer “red book” out that I missed? It is always fun to watch this kind of stuff, but only if I think it is some kind of indicator. But if it’s all just willy-nilly, then I might just have to go read or something…

Anyway, this is what Amazon says the folks in Alabama have bought over the past 60 days. No surprises there. Hope you all have a good weekend.


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