Why the Blook indeed

The uber-popular blog DailyCandy has a new book out. The kick-off party spawned this post, about the blog-to-book movement, from CNET’s Caroline McCarthy. Nothing earth shattering in the post, but through the article and comments you can glean some titles of some recent blook hits and misses, if you’re following those kinds of things.

It all just seems to be marketing driven to me. You tell a sales/marketing person, in any industry, “here’s a group of engaged like-minded folks”, then they are going to try and sell them something. I haven’t found a blog-to-book I liked yet, but there are a few more that I’m willing to give a shot.

{via Joe Wikert} (note: Wikert’s blog is a good read and highly recommended to folks trying to keep up with the evolving book industry.)

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