Covering More Covers

The Book Design Review blog has listed their favorite covers from 2007. I have to say that my top two favorites are…

One Perfect Day, as first pick (which looks to be in second place in the poll)




Brave New World.

But I’d also like to add The Honeymoon’s Over to the list. I think the burnt toast is a great image to represent the title and subject. That’s in addition to how well all of the type is handled. A hard feat for lots of designers. This should have been in the running, IMHO.


The leader in the pool looks to be Small Crimes.


While it is well executed and clever enough to catch your eye in the store, the book-on-book look and the “what’s missing from this picture” vehicle are getting tired. So I think this one would be a great one for us to close out the trend with.

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