A book of book blogs

I ran across The Bookaholics’ Guide to Book Blogs the other day while doing some holiday shopping. I have seen plenty of online writings about the cottage-industry of “book blogs” and “lit blogs”, but never an actual book. Are there others?

This 254-pager seems to give the backgrounds for some ‘big names’ in the book blog world. It might be a fun read. Here is the synopsis from the UK site (it’s a lot more succinct than the US one.

“In an industry where the success of a new book can be bought with marketing campaigns that cost thousands, book bloggers represent a new and entirely independent literary force. The internet has granted the reader a voice, and with hundreds returning to particular sites daily to hear what these self-elected reviewers have got to say, literary critics, booksellers and publishers are having to sit up and take notice. But who are these people? Why are they important? Motivated entirely by the love of books, what have they got to say and why are they so keen to say it? This first ever guide to the top book blogs aims to tempt anyone new to this phenomena to log-on and get reading – including interviews and sample reviews from the leading contributors as well as tips on new book bloggers.”

It’s been out since September, as anyone read this one? This one might just have to be a gift for myself!

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