The dish on books

I often scribble down titles of books as I find them referenced in whatever book I’m reading. Somehow, reading passages where characters refer to some archaic title (I’ve often never heard of) puts me in detective mode and then I’ll spend too much time online, digging up as much as I can, often leading to squat.

But food. I’ve never thought about the food.

Though one of my favorite niche books is Kafka’s Soup : a complete history of world literature in 14 recipes, I’ve never thought about scribbling down the recipes I run across in books.

To be honest, I often skip over some of these sections, wanting to get to the next plot twist rather than read someone’s recipe and grocery list. But after reading the New Yorker article (and revisiting Kafaka’s Soup) I think I’m going to be on the lookout for food-in-books moments. It could be kinda fun!

Let me know if you’ve ever run across a cool recipe in a book. I’ll let you know the first one I decide to cook up.

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