BEA buzz

snipshot_e47a6tc27hb.jpgIt’s almost here! BEA, the largest publishing tradeshow, this side of the Atlantic, kicks off Friday, June 1st in New York City. Man, do I wish I could be there! It’s going to be HUGE. I can’t imagine all those authors, publishers andall those books!

I am just going to have to live my dreams through the blogs and exploits of others. There is the BEA Director’s blog and BookDwarf says there will be live blogging there. A few LibraryThingers are even planning a trip to a local watering hole (co-owned by Sebastian Junger).
I’m also trying to land some first-hand accounts of the show here at {head}:sub/head. So I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’ll happen.

Let me know if you’re aware of any other palces that will shift their lenses to BEA this weekend. I’d really like to keep up.

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