‘scuse the mess

I have been wanting to update the site and make room for some of the newer media plug-ins, widgets, etc. that I keep seeing on other people’s blogs, so I’m messing around with the templates. Hope it won’t keep you from coming back.

To be honest, I’m going to miss the simplicity a clean lines of the old just text layout. But I’m tired of drooling over what other people are doing and not getting to offer it myself. Now I get to participate!

Hopefully things will settle down over the next week here, site wise.

2 thoughts on “‘scuse the mess”

  1. I’ve had the same design at fade theory since I started it almost two years ago. I still like the look of it, though it doesn’t have all the nifty options you’ve got going on here. Maybe I should consider a change, though I’d be likely to wimp out…

  2. yeah, i know it’s the end of July and i’m just now posting…sue me. i’m not a guru… yet, but i’ve got some suggestions for ya. first, i’d ditch all these horrendous images and atrocious fonts surrounding the comments. there’s nothing clean about that design… shame on the author. second, bold used to beautiful, but i swear all these horizontal bars just piss me off. i never did like that look for ANYTHING! your header worries me also. thirdly, separate your sidebars. or use some hover menus like i’ve got. there’s just too damn many links happening over there. it gets messy. all in all, i feel that having your posts all the way over here, on the left, is a bad move. Internet eyes are accustomed to viewing bulk dialog closer to the middle. yet there’s something to be said for non-conformity… if it’s done right 🙂

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