Another one bites the dust

Looks like the national “can your book section” trend has spread south of the Mason Dixon with the Atlanta Constitution “realigning” their books page and editing out the newspaper’s books editor.

It won’t be long until everyone is just running wire copy from New York. Can you imagine? Thousands of newspapers all covering the same 6 books every day. How sad.

Here’s a link to a Georgia bookstore trying to do something about it.

And the fade theorist has a post about a group of self appointing “prose pros” getting on board with letters and petitions. While I do agree with the theorist that the NBCC needs to wake up and participate in the world of new media (to quote her “Traditional print media, by comparison, is flat”), I do have to say that I would miss having the “professional” reviews in my newspapers. As much weight as I give my friends’ recommendations and suggestions, I’ve always been glad that there is a “filter” out there. Someone with enough skill and experience separate the junk from what might actually be worthy. And that, I think would be worth fighting for.

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