Premium Product Placement

I don’t read Young Adult lit, which is one of the most lucrative genres for publishers and authors… and now Proctor & Gamble.

I have been following the marketing and scope of the upcoming Running Press’ 143-page Cathy’s Book. It sounds like a modern day mashup of the old “Choose Your Own Adventure” series and D&D character development.

But now manufacurers are paying to have characters in the book use their products. So Cathy doesn’t just put on makeup before school, she puts on Cover Girl this and Avon that. The color is red, it’s “the new Shimmering Rose”.

No doubt these tactics have been in place for a long time. But it’s the first I’ve heard of where a publisher has worked hand in hand with a manufacturer like this. If it pans out, maybe manufacturers and department stores will go back to hosting radio and tv shows and paying for serials.

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