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Bookish Types who Twitter

I discovered Twitter some time ago and have been hooked ever since. So I am maintaining a list of all the “bookish types” who, I follow, on Twitter. The list isn’t very organized, yet. But it’s brimming with publishers,book designers, book media folks, publicists, bookshops and peppered with an author here and there. If you know of anybody else, in the publishing/book world, that I should be following, please let me know. Also, please let me know of any other online rosters of this type. I haven’t found one, which is the impetus in developing my own.

I’ve had some great conversations online because of it and am looking for more. Some of the tweeters do a great job of using the medium. Others, like myself, are still a bit newbie and it shows. But we’re learning and following!

Birmingham By the Book


Thanks to Carla Jean Whitley for the mention in the August issue of Birmingham Magazine. Very cool! So everyone go out and buy a copy so you can tell all your friends “hey, I read that book blog”… but seriously she put together a great list of what the article calls “The Essentials… must-visit websites that will guide you through the city”.

The piece is populated by local online heavy-hitters, including,,,, etc. (you know all the guys that must have invented the interwebs).

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks. It’s fun keeping this site going and even more so when you know folks are reading. Plus, she got every last punctuation mark correct in {head}:sub/head. Why is that important to me? I dunno. It just is… and you have to appreciate someone that pays attention to detail like that.

Now where did we leave off…?

The batteries are recharged! I honestly don’t know how some bloggers do it year after year, I just don’t have the stamina. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t read the blogs! Nothing recharges the ‘ol blogging batteries like lurking about all of your sites.

Lots of changes coming soon, to this site and the publishing industry in general. It’s going to be interesting! Much of which I think is summed up by Adrian Tomine’s New Yorker cover this week. I’m going to frame it for my office.

So a belated congratulations to both the Theorist and Susannah, each for the new chapters they have just started! It rocks!

So thanks for sticking around and not deleting me off your RSS reader. We’ll be back up to speed soon. Too much time has passed and too much has gone on, I just have to figure out where to jump in.