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Four New Films Based on Books

The recent release of The Martian movie trailer, based on Weir’s book of the same title, got me thinking – what other books I liked have upcoming movies?

So I searched around and dug up info on these four films. Let me bracket all of this by saying – I do not know squat about Hollywood. I have a vague understanding what “optioned” means and what having a producer attached to film vs. a director with no actors indicates about just how far along a film is in the process. So some of these may never see the light of day. But the interest is good.

And it seems to me that you’d want to crank out a quality film while the book it’s based on is still highly ranked in the public’s collective hippocampus. But again – I don’t know Hollywood. What I do know is a good book when I read it, so if these films based on books do happen and they’re as good as the book they’re based on, then it may be worth an $80 movie pass (or whatever movies cost these days).

Into-Thin-Air_coverInto Thin Air by Jon Krakauer – this is the second time Krakauer’s true story about climbing Mount Everest has been made into a film. The title of this film is simply Everest and stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Keira Knightley and Josh Brolin. Looks like everything is on track for a September 18th release date.



Ready_Player_One_coverReady Player One by Ernest Cline – Steven Spielberg has signed on to direct this one. I can absolutely see this book working as a film. Everything from the real-world vertical trailer parks to the special effects needed for the game sequences would be great on the big screen. It’s still in the writing stage it looks like, so no word on a release date.


The_Girl_With_All_The_Gifts_coverThe Girl With All the Gifts by Mike Carey – the title has been changed to She Who Brings Gifts and parts of it started being filmed last month. The story paints a bleak future where humanity has been almost wiped out by fungus/plant infections. Glen Close and Gemma Arterton are acting in this one. Looks like it’s slated for 2016.



goldfinch-donna-tartt_CoverThe Goldfinch by Donna Tartt – last year’s Pulitzer Prize winner has been optioned and has a producer. The screenplay is being drafted by the same guy who did Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy, to give you an idea of how they’re thinking about this film. There is no release date or start date for this movie yet.



But of course we all know, no matter how good any 90 minute film is…


The Martian Movie Trailer

Andy Weir‘s (@andyweirauthor on Twitter) book was so much stinking fun to read. I can’t say that enough. I walked around for weeks after I read The Martian, just trying to get others to read it. the-martianThe story was great. They nailed the bookcover with the shiny paper. The whole package. I don’t care if you don’t like sci-fi books. This was such a good read that you just want Mark Watney to survive.

And now the movie is coming out November 25th! I have yet to see a movie that I enjoyed as much as the book, but after watching The Martian trailer which came out today, this could be really close. I think Matt Damon may have the ability to deliver the snarky brainy lines just as I heard them in my head.

I had no idea it had so many well-known Hollywood names in it either. You can watch the trailer below:

Fingers crossed. And if you haven’t read Andy Weir’s The Martian, you should really give it a try before the movie comes out.

A Walk in the Woods Movie Poster

The poster for the movie-adaptation of Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods makes me smile.



I am one that really enjoyed the book. Enough so that I can’t imagine how the movie can live up to it. You can watch the preview trailer below and make up your own mind. I don’t remember the book being so “cute”? Does that make sense? I am not a big re-reader, but this may call for it. The encounter with the bear was one of my favorite bits in the book. Not sure why I found it so funny. Bryson just has a why of countering serious situations with this dry, almost stuffy, British-like sense of humor.

I am still up in the air if Robert Redford and Nick Nolte are the right guys for the parts. Though since Redford is producing the movie, I guess he gets to do whatever he likes. The A Walk in the Woods movie hits the big screen this fall on Labor Day weekend. Fingers crossed!


The Last Bookshop – Short Film

The first 10 minutes of this short film are fantastic. I would love to get lost in the stacks of an old shop just like this boy does. Lots of great imagery here as a boy finds himself exploring the last bookshop in England. The film was produced in an effort to support local bookshops and stress the importance of them. They have a site for the film as well so you can learn more about the shops shown in the film, bookshops in the UK as well as the movie score. Lot’s to think about while watching this short movie.

What did you think of the short film?