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Just finished…

Juan Williams’ Enough. I picked up this book after a great post by one of Birmingham’s more prominant bloggers.

I thought this critical look at racial divides in our country was very logical and clearcut, which (as I understand it) is one of the reasons Williams has come under attack for his statements. Too much cold logic and not enough emotion and historical perspective.

As always I posted my thoughts over on LibraryThing.

My advice: Read the book and decide for yourself.

Do blog-books bomb?

Gawker has compiled a pretty exaustive list of blogger book deals. It’s pretty interesting. Even with “less than stellar sales”, it’s amazing how many publishers keep coming back to the trough. They must just have money to burn.

I’m a huge fan of blogs and books. But I tend to think that blogs fill a niche need for readers and that these readers are satisfied with that, so they don’t buy the book. Plus, I think publishers let their eyes glaze over when their marketing people tell them how many hits a blog gets and they think that number translates directly into potential sales. So they do a sub-par job with the book “to get it out while it’s still relevant” and put a less than stellar book on the market.

Just my two cents.

Oh yeah, happy Banned Book Week! And here’s Google’s Banned Book initiative.