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Book Sale: Hoover Library

There is a Used Book Sale at the Hoover Library this Saturday (March 16, 10a-5p) and Sunday (2p-5p). Looks like hardbacks and paperbacks will be priced at 50 cents a piece. This sale is being organized by the Friends of the Hoover Library group. Certainly worth swinging by this weekend to see what they have!

The sale is being held downstairs. Here is a quick photo tour of the library bookstore with photos and directions (about half-way down the post) of where this weekend’s book sale is being held.

Hope you find something good!

Library Book Nook

Book Sale – Irondale

There is a used-book sale this Saturday, September 29th at the Whistle Stop Festival in Irondale. The book sale runs 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is being held by the Friends of the Irondale Library group. They plan on having a booth set up in front of the library (which is about a block from the railroad tracks). They also will have more tables with books for sale set up inside the library.

Irondale Library Booksale Banner

I think this might be a great quick little stop this weekend. Especially if you can get there early enough before the tables are picked through. I have not heard any information on prices. But if they stick with what they usually charge you will be looking at 50 cents to $2 per book. Have a good weekend!

Homewood Library Used-Book Sale

Grab your helmets and elbow pads, it’s time for the annual Friends Blockbuster Used Book Sale in Homewood! This is always a good sale, with mountains of used-books stacked all around a large room at the Homewood Public Library. There is a special prview night on Friday, August 10th from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. but this pre-event is for Friends of the Library members (it’s $5 for an individual membership and $10 for a family. PDF form to join.) only.

The doors do open to the public on the weekend though:

  • Saturday, August 11th from 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
  • Sunday, August 12th from 2:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

It’s always a good well curated sale and it’s always crowded. Prices usually fall in the $1-$4 range. Though it’s not uncommon to find 50 cent books in the kids sections. While all the good finds go early in the sale, it’s also fun towards the end of the sales as they often start offering “Fill a grocery sack for $5” kind of deals.

Hoover Library Used-Book Store

Here is a quick photo tour of the Friends of the Hoover Library Used-Book Store. It’s located on The Plaza back near the magazines and snack bar and there is another “secret” room downstairs that has $1 books!

Hoover Library Bookstore Dollar Books

They keep carts outside the shop with $1 books. Its always worth looking through as 90% are hardbacks and many are donated (a.k.a. books without library markings/stickers). They have a nice easy to understand pricing system once inside.

Hoover Library Bookstore 001

Hoover Library Bookstore 01

Hoover Library Bookstore 02

Hoover Library Bookstore 03

Hoover Library Bookstore 04

Hoover Library Bookstore 07

Now the Library Used-Book Store keeps an overflow room of used books downstairs along the wall of the community room. All of these books in the “Book Nook” are $1. The turnover here isn’t as high as upstairs so I don’t check on this every visit. But I have found some gems there. So do check often.

To get to the room, go back out to the main library hallway and follow it around towards the non-fiction sections. As you are approaching the “quiet study cubicles” there will be a stairway on the right. Take this downstairs. Once downstairs take a left and you’ll see the room.

Hoover Library Bookstore Nook 02

Hoover Library Bookstore Nook 01

Hoover Library Bookstore Nook 03

Hoover Library Bookstore Nook 04

Hoover Library Bookstore Nook 06