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First Edition Casino Royale

Here is one for the book collector wish list: a true first (First Edition, First Printing, First UK) of Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale. Just a couple of rough spots around the edges of the dust jacket. Fantastic.

Casino Royale dust jacket

This is one of the 4,728 first run printings from 1953 and can be yours for about $80,000. I wonder how many of the 4,728 are still around? The seller says that Ian Fleming designed the cover himself. That’s pretty cool if the concept was indeed his.

Back in 2008 the Guardian posted a slideshow of the 6 most popular covers the book has had. The original cover sure looks understated compared to all of the gambling Bond girls that made the book covers in later publishings.

Casino Royale first edition


Book Format definitions

Last week I finished David and Natalie Bauman’s Rare Finds. It does an okay job of explaining some of the more popular categories (Americana, Children’s Lit, Photography, etc.) that people collect (and some nice photography), but the really interesting stuff comes at the back of the book in the indexes, Frequently Asked Questions, Book Bindings and  More Resources sections.

One part that I want to share here is the bit on book formats. If you’re in the market for old books you will see many books’ sizes abbreviated as 4to, 8vo, 12mo and so on. You might also see the terms folio, quarto, octavo, etc. These all indicate how many time a printed sheet was folded in order to produce the pages in the book. So a quarto (meaning one-quarter) means that the original printed sheet was folded once in half and then folded in half again. This gives you 4 leaves (8 pages) all at one quarter of the original sheet.

So folio is folded once yielding 4 pages, quarto yields 8, octavo gives you 16 pages, etc. Now there was no standard size for the sheet of paper that printers started with, so there is some variance in how big to expect a book to be. But here is a handy chart of the average sizes found in older books, from page 73 of the Bauman’s book:

Again, their book is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the bibliophile’s world, but it would be good for someone thinking about collecting or for a completist collecting “books about books”.

Rare Print Discovered in Library Book

I love stories like this… The NY Times published the recent account of a Brown University archivist finding, what is believed to be one of only five copies of a print done by revolutionary heavyweight Paul Revere himself. No doubt the chance of this happening increases if your job is handling books from the 1700’s. But it’s still pretty cool to think that such a unique rarity was just stuck in the back of a book on physics. Revere was quite the engraver and printer, flooding the colonies with pamphlets and political information. He’s certainly not known for any kind of iconic or religious art, which ups the “cool factor” of the find. Be sure to click through to read the article on the library archivist and see the photos.

If nifty old archives of historical significance interest you then you should tune into Book TV (on CSPAN2) this weekend. At noon, on Saturday, they will be touring old bookstores and the Nichols Collection at the University of Oklahoma. They have books going back as far as the 15th century! They also have a History of Science Collection with papers and books from Galileo, Copernicus and other famous people in white lab coats. I think it’ll be fun to watch.

A Great Weekend for Local Book People

This weekend is shaping up to be an amazingly busy and book filled, with three great annual events happening:

  1. The 9th Annual Alabama Book Festival, down in Montgomery is on Saturday, April 21st from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
  2. Also on Saturday, April 21st is the Birmingham Reads – Brookwood Celebration at Brookwood Mall from 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
  3. Running the full weekend is the third annual Used-Book Sale at St. Francis of Assisi. I have no clue as to how the pickings will be this year, but I’m told that there will be tons of books again. They have a $5 wine/cheese “get in first to buy/preview party” Friday night. The sale continues Saturday, 21st from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and Sunday, April 22nd from 1 p.m.-5 p.m. They also have a silent auction planned for some signed first editions.

Phew. I have no idea how much I’ll be able to squeeze into this weekend. I hope you get to make it out and about though.