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Just finished…

Juan Williams’ Enough. I picked up this book after a great post by one of Birmingham’s more prominant bloggers.

I thought this critical look at racial divides in our country was very logical and clearcut, which (as I understand it) is one of the reasons Williams has come under attack for his statements. Too much cold logic and not enough emotion and historical perspective.

As always I posted my thoughts over on LibraryThing.

My advice: Read the book and decide for yourself.

What a fun read!

I just finished Jack Butler’s Jujitsu for Christ.

It was FANTASTIC! Just a well crafted southern tale dealing with some serious issues. The whole book takes place over a few years in 1950’s-1960’s Mississippi. Great characters and great writing. The dialect and depictions of southern concerns will have your side splitting at times.

Highly recommended for folks looking for an easy entertaining read.